Real Estate

Real EstateWe provide a broad range of residential and commercial real estate related legal services.  If you are buying real estate, we can lead you through the process from the time you find your property to the day of settlement.

Residential Real Estate.

Purchasing a home is an exciting, but stressful time.  We can help ease your worries by protecting you from purchasing a property that could present legal problems down the road.  We will guide you through the due diligence and inspection process to make sure the property you are purchasing is free of legal and title issues, and approved for the use you intend.  We search the title history, make sure there are no unexpected mortgages or other liens against the property, draft appropriate deeds and mortgages, ensure you have the right title insurance, and handle the closing.  We will lead you through this time so that you can enjoy the home buying process, rather than stress over it.

Commercial Real Estate.

If you are purchasing, selling or leasing commercial real estate, it is particularly wise to consult a real estate attorney.  We can help guide you through the many pitfalls of a commercial real estate transaction- such as leasing rights and obligations, mechanic’s liens, ownership disputes and environmental concerns.  If you are leasing a commercial property, we can help by drafting leases that protect you from unexpected and costly issues that may arise without proper planning.  Purchasing and investing in commercial real estate requires careful and diligent inspection, research and planning.  Let us lead you through that process so you can find the right property and protect yourself from exposure to liability.


If you are a landlord we can help you navigate the many legal requirements of leasing residential property.  Pennsylvania places a high premium on a tenant’s rights, and that can be costly and time consuming for Landlords who do not know the rules.  We can help protect you and your interests, by drafting a lease that meets your goals, but fully complies with tenants’ rights.  If your tenant breaches the lease agreement, we will work quickly and diligently to recover rent and damages owed and, if required, evict the violating tenant.  Being a landlord can casue stressful and costly problems.  We are here to help you prevent these problems and fix them when they do occur.


Services Offered:

  • Residential real estate due diligence and closings
  • Commercial real estate due diligence and closings
  • Title Searches
  • Title Insurance
  • Public Sale of Real Estate
  • Lease Agreements
  • Landlord-Tenant Law- Lease Enforcement and Evictions
  • Farm Leases
  • Property Tax Assessment Appeals
  • Oil and Gas Rights- Leases