Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning

Benjamin Franklin once said "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn." I recently had the privilege of meeting with residents of Landis Homes through a program called, Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning. We had a great time together, with a lively, interactive discussion about estate planning and related legal issues.  It was my honor to be a part of the Pathways program.

Pathways Institutes' mission is to foster with persons 55+ a quest for long life learning that enriches the mind and spirit, to pursue wisdom, service and understanding. The program was established in 2005, with the purpose of providing adults 55+ from Pennsylvania with the opportunity to engage in mental, cultural and spiritual activities to promote their overall wellness. The program is open to all adults 55+ in South Central Pennsylvania, not just the retirement community.

The institute focuses on three key components: personal development path, service path and legacy/sharing path. Many topics are covered such as; literature, religion, computers, hobbies/crafts, politics, music, environment, current issues and culture. Similar to a college, classes are held two terms a year, fall and spring. Programs are developed and managed 100% by a program director and coordinator. The instructors vary from retired teachers to current teachers that share their time and expertise. Classes are held in various locations including; museums, libraries, local colleges, cultural centers, historical societies, and outdoors. To learn more about the program or how to become a member visit: Pathways Institute Lifelong Learning understands the importance of ongoing education and a persons need to embrace their knowledge.


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