Commercial Real Estate.

Commercial Real EstateGetting into the right facility for your business, and at the right cost, is imperative to business success.  Neal will help you evaluate potential properties for risks and benefits, and analyze lease agreements or purchase agreements to make sure they work with, not against, your business plans.  If you are purchasing, selling or leasing commercial real estate, it is particularly wise to consult a real estate attorney.  Neal can help guide you through the many pitfalls of a commercial real estate transaction- such as leasing rights and obligations, mechanic’s liens, ownership disputes and environmental concerns.  If you are leasing a commercial property, we can help by drafting leases that protect you from unexpected and costly issues that may arise without proper planning.  Purchasing and investing in commercial real estate requires careful and diligent inspection, research and planning.  Let us lead you through that process so you can find the right property and protect yourself from exposure to liability.