Business Transitions.

Business TransitionsBe wise in the way you approach buying or selling a business, or taking on a new business partner.  If you are taking any of these steps, it is essential that you have good legal counsel. When our clients are ready to transition their business in one of these ways, we strive to understand their unique goals and needs, then help them design and implement a transition plan that meets those goals. Neal drafts Buy-Sell Agreements, Partnership and Operating Agreements and other corporate documents that protect and prosper you, and put your business in a place to continue to thrive.  Whether you are selling to a third party, or transitioning to a key-employee or a next generation of leadership, Neal will work to understand your company, your family and your goals, then develop the right plan to meet those goals. Your business is an asset you have worked hard to grow and prosper.  Neal will help you to be properly compensated for what you have built, and ensure the business continues to thrive for the benefit of the new owners, customers, and employees in the future.