A smooth and profitable sale of a business requires careful thought and planning.  Reactionary sales should be avoided, if possible, because they typically leave value on the table, and create a rocky experience for the buyer and seller, and more importantly, valued customers.  In the ideal scenario, the business owner is able to think through a plan that works for his or her purposes, prepare the business operationally, and plan for the business sale transactionally.  Every business transition is different, and often the realities of the individual situation might condense the process.  Bu

When Do I Update My Will?

I’m always trying to find efficient and effective ways to protect my small business clients.  Sometimes when a big contract presents itself, or a new business opportunity quickly materializes, our tendency is to rush to complete the deal- so we can be sure we don’t miss the chance in front of us.  But, even in the context of the fast-moving business world, there are some simple steps we can take to know exactly who we are dealing with, before we pull the trigger.

Most owners of small and mid-sized business do not have a plan to sell or transition their business.  But, thinking through your goals and objectives, and putting a plan in place well before you are ready to move on from your business, can lead to a more smooth, profitable and successful business transition.

Baby Boomers: Time to Review Your Estate Plan?

What’s Your End Game?

Planning A Smooth and Profitable Business Transition

You’ve worked very hard for many years to build your business.  Nobody but you truly understands the sacrifice you made to make your business flourish, and on your way out you should be rewarded for your work, and your transition should be as seamless as possible.  Business planning is a critical part of setting yourself up for a smooth and profitable transition out of your business.

A day at Dutch Wonderland, a trip to Mount Gretna, a night at the Barnstormer’s game, and a 9am appointment with your Estate Planning Attorney- which of these doesn’t fit? 

Being a young family is a great time of life, so none of us want to kill the fun by thinking about what happens when we’re no longer around.  But the truth is, when that first child arrives it is time to make an estate plan. 


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